Discover the Best Way to Become a CPA – Introducing “My Way to CPA”

Are you looking to chart a course for an exciting career as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)? To help you navigate the diverse paths to becoming a CPA, we’re thrilled to introduce our “My Way to CPA” video series. In this series, individuals from various backgrounds share their unique experiences, challenges, and insights as they journey towards obtaining their CPA designation. These personal stories shed light on the different avenues one can take to achieve a rewarding career in finance and accounting.

Let’s meet a few of the inspiring individuals featured in this series:

Joy, Environmental Engineering Degree, CPA Candidate

Joy Wang initially delved into financial operations when she was a Fitness Manager at a gym and took a few accounting courses. She discovered her passion for financial operations and the CPA program, prompting a complete career switch. As she shares her story, you’ll discover the enthusiasm that drove her to pursue the CPA designation.

Bailey, Biology Degree, CPA Candidate

Bailey Smith embarked on her career and contemplated her next step. She evaluated both the MBA and the CPA options and realized that the CPA program offered the skills that would propel her forward in her professional journey. With the added benefit of employer support, Bailey’s story demonstrates the versatility of the CPA path, regardless of your academic background.

Asha, International Accountant, CPA Candidate

Asha Wadhwana noticed the buzz around the CPA designation in her office and recognized the value of holding a Canadian designation, distinct from her US (IFAC) designation. Her journey highlights the international appeal of the CPA program and the recognition it commands.

Nicholas, Accounting Degree, CPA Candidate

Nicholas Boudreau, who had previously studied accounting at Universite Laval, found his perspective transformed when he entered the CPA program. It opened his eyes to practical applications and ignited a new passion. His story underscores how the CPA program can deepen your understanding and ignite newfound interests.

Whether you’re considering a career shift or advancing in your current role, these videos will provide insights and inspiration. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of becoming a CPA.

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Ready to Start Your CPA Journey?

If you’re feeling inspired to begin your own CPA journey, we have the tools and resources to guide you. Whether you have an environmental engineering degree like Joy, a biology graduate like Bailey, an international accountant like Asha, or an accounting enthusiast like Nicholas, the CPA path is within reach.

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