Practical Experience Employer Requirements

Practical experience requirements for employers of CPA Atlantic School of Business candidates.

As an employer, you will have certain responsibilities to assist future CPAs you employ to achieve their practical experience requirements for CPA certification. The following documents will provide you with valuable information about the CPA practical experience requirements and the role of employers.


This overview outlines the CPA practical experience requirements

CPA Practical Experience Overview for Employers

This document provides further details on the CPA practical experience requirements

CPA Practical Experience Requirements (PER) Handbook

This documents outlines the CPA Practical Experience Requirements for Public Accounting

CPA Practical Experience Requirements for Public Accounting

Since competencies gained through practical experience are different from those developed through education, the following document explains the types of experience and skills future CPAs will be expected to acquire during their training period.

CPA Practical Experience Competency Requirements

Reporting is a key part of the practical experience requirements. The following document helps employers to understand their responsibilities throughout the reporting process, whether their employees are gaining their experience through the pre-approved program (formerly called Approved Training Offices) or experience verification.

Practical Experience Reporting Requirements

​The following document is a collection of policy directives for the CPA practical experience requirements

CPA Harmonized Practical Experience Policies

For further details of Practical Experience Requirements and Reporting for employers, please contact CPA Atlantic School’s Practical Experience team.

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The CPA designation gives you the set of skills to do anything.
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You have this massive family of CPAs on which you can lean on and use as much as you can, as often as you can.
Craig Farewell, CPA
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The skills you acquire through the CPA program prepare you to lead in any organization and in any industry.
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David Arsenault, CPA
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